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St. Petersburg
The pearl on the Neva is today one of the most attractive and pulsating metropolises in the world. Impressive architectural ensembles, tsarist palace and church opulence, large boulevards, promenades and museums of world renown enchant and fascinate, and rightly so.
St. Petersburg, the “gateway to Europe”, also transports visitors to the unique Russian music world. The traditional Mariinsky Theatre I is still the cradle of many opera and ballet stars. The theatre was almost completely destroyed several times by fires as well as during the Second World War, but it stood up again and again like “Phoenix from the ashes”.
The ultra-modern, prestigious Mariinsky Theatre II sets new standards with 4000 square metres of built onyx, Brazilian marble and German beech wood in terms of splendour and elegance, making a visit not only a wonderful acoustic but also a visual experience.
See for yourself! Especially during the “White Nights” in the (early) summer months, St. Petersburg shows its best side! We would also be happy to book a private city tour with an excellent guide or admission to one of the many museums worth seeing.
*Since 1 October 2019, facilitated visa conditions for entry to St. Petersburg have been in force.

We also invite you to combine the visit of this city with the discovery of Moscow.
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